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The time changes year by year, traditional mechanical combination locks has been substituted by electronic combination locks gradually, due to inconvenient operation. However the electronic combination lock with high trouble chance more than mechanical combination locks relatively. In order to meet the wide range customer's demand that to get convenience of electronic combination locks, but without worry of trouble happened to their daily life. Maou Yeuh company decided to develop a new product with both advantages and to request the product with high quality presentation, also with high practicality and high added value. 
To offer the products to meet operation requirement in bank safes door and high class safes.

Model MY-2001 2-in-1 electronic & mechanical combination locks consist of character for mechanical & electronic combination locks, hence it offers feature of both product in appearance design, in order to avoid space waste, such as the number base of traditional combination locks with inserted digit key. The Design also changed from the stiff design of traditional electronic combination locks to flexible application with combined design. In order to join tradition and modern style, 2-in-1 combination locks emphasizes practicality and beauty. 
So that this new locks try to combine mechanical & electronic combination locks as integrated product with most simple style. It also consists of excellent quality, based on design idea of elegance, high class idea and combines technology, up-to-date, pioneer and to break traditional design, but there is no sudden exist at all. The product color basis with black & silver series with simple feature. In order to express simple spirit, but it still with grand elegance.

MY-2001 consists of following characters:

  1. Under normal status, it is available for selecting electronic or mechanical combination number code. 
    Once one of function lost, but another function still workable for opening. By such design to enhance the
    function defect at traditional single mechanical or single electronic combination locks system.
  2. This type lock shipped with buzzer, during opening lock 3 times with wrong number, the electronic 
    combination locks lost its function and buzzer alarms continuously for 30 minutes at the same time. 
    It is necessary to release this problem and to open locks by mechanical combination number code only.
  3. In order to perform more stronger function of this locks further, the locks combined with key locks as well
    which can locking mechanical & electronic combination locks or to lock mechanical combination locks 
  4. When electronic combination locks was broken, it still can be opened by mechanical combination locks and without worry of effecting customer's daily operation due to combination locks was broken. For maintenance
    required, it also no need to break the locks structure and to maintain the locks with most simple way.

Currently in Taiwan & foreign market, there is exists single purely mechanical combination locks or electronic
combination locks only. The mechanical combination locks needs more longer time to open, but with low 
trouble chance. Relatively ,the electronic combination locks although is convenient & easy for opening, 
its trouble chance is much more higher. Therefore, this type 2-in-1 product combines electronic & mechanical
combination locks which with both advantage of convenience, operation expiry limit, and plus simple maintain 
style, it really a exclusive innovation in filed of combination locks industries ! 

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