BS-D360 Household Safe

External Dimensions: 360 x 490 x 425

Inside Dimensions: 236 x 381 x 306

Weight: 58

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Teknik Özellikleri


Booil safe fireproof fire safes tested in Sweden Fire test NT fire is certified in 017 '..

Our fire safes are produced in accordance with European standards 1000 oC heat proof for 90 minutes

120 minutes during the fire, the inside temperature is 155oC It does not. (paper distortion temperature)

Temperature, smoke, steam, moisture and electric and magnetic fields Full protection against

Resistant to fire, water, corrosive gas and smoke.

The door gaps are closed with fireproof rovings.

Scratch-proof oven painted.

interlock System

it has Standard Electronic Combination Locking System.

Electronic lock, two or four digits with two separate passwords available

It has panic-closure system for emergencies.

3-way, anti-theft full with 4-8 steel locking shafts provides protection.

Lock the electronic mount. 1 lower shelf variable.

Top with lock (fixed bracket), 1 in plastic drawer.

Continuous Door Ø 25 mm 2 bolt handle. Panic-door lock (door takes off automatically locks off).